Digitized Space Planning, Allocation & Optimization to Save up to 30% Costs

AI-Powered Workplace Technology Suite to Embrace Hybrid Work and Transforming Employee Experiences.

Digitize Space Planning & Optimization

Effortlessly manage multiple sites by creating a digital twin of your workspaces with 2D/3D Layouts to manage space allocation and assignment.

Design Your Hybrid Work Policy

Choose the right hybrid model and create hybrid work policies that help manage your work-from-office days and plan better for quality in-person time.

AI Powered Workplace Experience

Transform Workplace experience with Workplace Collaborator, AI-based auto allocation, suite of workplace services like reservations, wayfinding, feedback etc.

Workplace Analytics for Insights

Know how your workplace is being used by monitoring real-time occupancy, analyzing occupancy patterns and receiving actionable insights.

Digitize Space Planning & Optimization

  • Effortlessly manage and configure multiple sites, organized by hierarchy, from a single, Centralized Command Center.
  • Create a digital twin of your workspace with 2D/ 3D Layouts of your floor plan, manage allocations & configure seats as fixed or flexi
  • Anticipate needs using “what-if” scenarios for consolidations and expansions
  • Reclaim unused time by canceling ghost bookings, ensuring efficient space utilization

Design Your Hybrid Work Policy

  • Customize hybrid work models based on your organization’s unique needs: fixed hybrid, flexible hybrid, or a combination
  • Choose from rostering options: employee-driven, manager-driven, or admin-team-driven scheduling
  • Accommodate diverse team schedules by configuring multi-shift policies in the seating plan
  • Create “Flexi-groups”, configure their in-office days and allow employees to create collaboration circles

AI Powered Workplace Experience

  • Plan your weekly schedules and let the AI-based auto-allocation system book desks, rooms & amenities for you
  • Unified mobile app, web, and kiosk interfaces for convenience & third-party integrations
  • Access to workplace services like desk/ meeting room/ amenities reservations, feedback, wayfinding, visitor management, pantry services
  • Prioritize employee wellness and safety through proactive IAQ monitoring, SOS & comfort control

Workplace Analytics with Actionable Insights

  • Analyze occupancy and utilization patterns to optimize real estate footprint and services
  • Identify underutilized areas and repurpose or consolidate them to improve space utilization
  • See occupancy in real-time. Set up executive views, dashboards and export comprehensive reports
  • Use advanced analytics to link occupancy data with energy usage for cost savings

Smart Seating, Smarter Savings Hybrid Workplace RoI Calculator

Leading global brands use our Workplace Technology Suite to unlock potential savings of up to $1.3m through flexible seating (for a 500-seat office) while delivering revitalizing workplace experiences for their employees.

Try our Hybrid Workplace RoI calculator to know your potential savings.

How TCL leveraged Digitized Space Planning to revive its Occupancy by 49%

10 Sites​ | 35 Floors | 8 Cities | 6000+ Employees​


  • Manual & error-prone space planning, allocation and assignment
  • No mechanism to view real time occupancy data & other workplace analytics
  • Lack of workplace reservation system for desk/ room booking, occupancy management


  • Digitized Space Planning & Optimization tool with 2D/ 3D layout of floor plan
  • Streamlined Seat configuration, Neighbourhood creation and allocation
  • Comprehensive Workplace Analytics to track real time occupancy, executive dashboards to understand space usage & patterns
  • Integration with MS Office 365, SAP SuccessFactors HRMS
  • Mobile app for accessing workplace services: reservations, wayfinding, feedback


  • Seamless Space Planning & Allocation to optimize space utilization by 20%
  • Occupancy revival from 0% to a peak of 49% within 2 months
  • The auto-cancellation feature allowed TCL to reclaim 12% of occupancy capacity, optimizing space utilization

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Explore Possibilities with db Spazio at the center

Correlate occupancy patterns to automate lighting & comfort controls

  • Identify Ghost Bookings & Control HVAC & lighting operations in meeting rooms
  • Save up to 20% energy without impacting employee comfort
  • Real-time Floor-density tracking for emergency evacuation planning

Achieve operational efficiency facility services with our CAFM & Space Management solution

  • Analyse Attendance patterns and day wise data for planning amenities & scheduling staff
  • Plan workplace services/ maintenance activities based on employee scheduling data
  • Improve employee wellness through pro-active janitorial alerts for restroom hygiene
  • Act on employee feedback instantly with integrated ticket management and SLA tracking

Get Real time insights with our Sensor network

  • Track real-time occupancy analysis, people count, and occupancy confirmation
  • Identify patterns, peak occupancy hours, and floor density for decision-making
  • Monitor IAQ parameters to prioritize employee wellness
  • Sense occupancy & reclaim unused time with ghost booking cancellation
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db Spazio enhances collaboration through the following in-built features:

  • Collaboration groups: create your own circles and get notified when anyone from the circle is visiting office
  • Colleague Finder: Look for colleagues who have reservations and find a seat nearby.
  • Integration with Collaboration Tools: Add attendees to a meeting, send zoom/teams/meet invites for remote workers while scheduling a room, all in one app.

All these functionalities are aimed at improving team dynamics and productivity by reducing communication barriers and enabling real-time collaboration.

db Spazio has different in-office check-in mechanisms available after reservation is made. These include in-app check-in, QR code-based authentication, kiosk PIN or integrating with occupancy sensors. If the check-in is not completed within the prescribed time, the desk/room booking is cancelled automatically, and it becomes available for booking again.

db Spazio has an in-built check-in mechanism to track occupancy. This helps provide accurate utilization metrics. db Spazio software is designed to function off the shelf and can integrate with any hardware that provides data on the MQTT format for integration. digital blanket has a its own db sensor network for tracking occunpancy, footfall count and IAQ monitoring.

db Spazio offers workplace scheduler, desk/room reservation, wayfinding, visitor scheduling, pantry ordering, feedback/survey, SOS alert, message broadcast as in-built workplace services. They are available as per the pricing pack definitions listed here.

db Spazio is a comprehensive tool that manages various aspects of a hybrid workplace ranging from work preference scheduling, enabling collaboration, workspace reservation to occupancy tracking & utilization. db Spazio is designed to eliminate workplace frictions and make the office experience seamless.

The time required to fully implement db Spazio will depend on the complexity of the solution and the size of the organization. On average, for a 500-seater office, it can take between 2-3 weeks to fully implement db Spazio.


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