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What types of sensors are included in the digital blanket® Sensors range?

The digital blanket® Sensors range includes sensors for desk and room occupancy, people counting, footfall tracking, environmental sensing (e.g., CO2, particulate matter, TVOC), and more.

What kind of support and maintenance is required for db Sensors?

db Sensors require regular software updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The support team assists with installation, configuration, integration, and troubleshooting to ensure seamless operation.

What kind of models are deployed for Machine Learning and AI within db Energy?

DB Energy engine primarily consists of a neural network model, enhanced through another ensemble method to get the maximum benefit. 

  • The neural network model used in is an LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) model that is one of the best machine learning model types to learn from multivariate time-series data.
  • The other model in use is an Autoencoder which is essentially driven to detect anomalies from the KPI data received.
  • While both the above models improve over time as they learn from the specific environment they are deployed at, the Autoencoder improves significantly over time.
  • The models mentioned above deliver the primary feed for the actions and itS further strengthened by the Ensemble Method used to improve the accuracy of the output.
What is EUI? How does that translate into my energy reduction?
  • Essentially, EUI expresses a building’s energy use as a function of its size or other characteristics. EUI is expressed as energy per square foot per year. It’s calculated by dividing the total energy consumed by the building in one year by the total gross floor area of the building.
  • Generally, a low EUI signifies good energy performance. However, certain property types will always use more energy than others.
  • So, what really matters is the reduction of EUI and not the energy per se. Energy bills may vary based on changes in the unit cost. But EUI is a standard measure.
Are db sensors secure?

Yes, db Sensors incorporate robust security measures, including encrypted data transmission and compliance with industry-standard security protocols. Additionally, it is recommended to conduct regular VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) for enhanced security.

Building Management Systems are not built to detect faults in Chillers / AHU’s. Can db AUTOmate detect these faults?

db AUTOmate’s policy engine enables advanced fault detection algorithms for both high-site and low side of HVAC systems, thus ensuring peak performance.

Can db Sensors operate in real-time?

Yes, db Sensors are equipped with microcontrollers and RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) for real-time applications, and microprocessors with Linux OS for high-performance computation.

For months/ days when the weather is cooler/ occupancy is low, how does db Energy clearly establish that it has reduced consumption? 

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is normalized for weather, occupancy, production etc. and then used for performance benchmarking and comparison. Normalization removes the variances due to area, weather, occupancy, production etc.

How accurate are db Sensors in detecting occupancy and environmental metrics?

db Sensors use advanced technologies like computer vision, TOF lidar sensing, and deep learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy in detecting occupancy and measuring environmental metrics.

How do db Sensors handle privacy concerns?

db Sensors use privacy-respecting technologies, such as anonymizing data at the source and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations to address privacy concerns.

How do db Sensors integrate with existing building management systems (BMS)?

db Sensors are designed with APIs and middleware that facilitate seamless integration with most existing BMS, allowing for efficient data exchange and automation of building operations.

How does db Spazio enhance collaboration among remote and in-office employees?

db Spazio enhances collaboration through the following in-built features:

  • Collaboration groups: create your own circles and get notified when anyone from the circle is visiting office
  • Colleague Finder: Look for colleagues who have reservations and find a seat nearby.
  • Integration with Collaboration Tools: Add attendees to a meeting, send zoom/teams/meet invites for remote workers while scheduling a room, all in one app.

All these functionalities are aimed at improving team dynamics and productivity by reducing communication barriers and enabling real-time collaboration.

How does db Spazio help avoid ghost bookings?

db Spazio has different in-office check-in mechanisms available after reservation is made. These include in-app check-in, QR code-based authentication, kiosk PIN or integrating with occupancy sensors. If the check-in is not completed within the prescribed time, the desk/room booking is cancelled automatically, and it becomes available for booking again.

How does db Spazio track occupancy & Utilization? Do you provide hardware?

db Spazio has an in-built check-in mechanism to track occupancy. This helps provide accurate utilization metrics. db Spazio software is designed to function off the shelf and can integrate with any hardware that provides data on the MQTT format for integration. digital blanket has a its own db sensor network for tracking occunpancy, footfall count and IAQ monitoring.

How is db AUTOmate different from other systems where all building systems in one place for any user is not supported.

db AUTOmate is an integrated building management system that includes HVAC, MEP, ELV & IoT. It provides a unified command and control from a single interface, connecting multiple buildings and locations.

In other IBMS/ BMS, device & point naming are complex as they have multiple tagging standards. Hence, its costly and timely to execute.

db AUTOmate supports Entity, Point, Location and Equipment classifications like the Brick Schema. db Schema lowers the cost of deploying analytics, energy efficiency measures and intelligent controls across buildings. It presents an integrated, cross-vendor representation of the multitude of subsystems in modern buildings: HVAC, lighting, fire, security and so on. The schema simplifies the development of smart analytics and control applications. It also reduces the reliance upon the non-standard, unstructured labels endemic to building management systems.

Most Building Automation Systems are only monitoring status. How is db AUTOmate different?

db AUTOmate is an Integrated Building Management solution that supports comprehensive monitoring and control of various HVAC / MEP / ELV / IoT systems from the web or Mobile console.

What are db Sensors?

db Sensors are advanced edge computing devices designed to enhance workplace intelligence by providing real-time data on various environmental and occupancy metrics within office buildings.

What are the inbuilt workplace services available on the db Spazio mobile app?

db Spazio offers workplace scheduler, desk/room reservation, wayfinding, visitor scheduling, pantry ordering, feedback/survey, SOS alert, message broadcast as in-built workplace services. They are available as per the pricing pack definitions listed here.

What are the main use cases for db Sensors?

Main use cases for db Sensors include desk and room occupancy monitoring, people counting, footfall tracking, janitorial alerts, occupancy-based lighting and HVAC control, comfort and hygiene monitoring, heat map analysis, and evacuation planning.

What communication protocols do db Sensors support?

db Sensors support various communication protocols, including WiFi, ZigBee, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and MQTT for integration with any cloud application.

What if we want to manually operate in case of an emergency?
  • All controls can be bypassed manually like in any normal CPM or IBMS.
  • Checkboxes on db Software enable/ disable any of these controls. This delinks the AI-generated class labels from the action control subsystem and therefore the AI-generated labels trigger no actions on the end devices. 
  • Triggering individual system controls from the console. The actions on the various subsystems can be performed from the console in a semi-automated mode. 
What is db Spazio and how does it work?

db Spazio is a comprehensive tool that manages various aspects of a hybrid workplace ranging from work preference scheduling, enabling collaboration, workspace reservation to occupancy tracking & utilization. db Spazio is designed to eliminate workplace frictions and make the office experience seamless.

What are the typical implementation timelines for db Spazio?

The time required to fully implement db Spazio will depend on the complexity of the solution and the size of the organization. On average, for a 500-seater office, it can take between 2-3 weeks to fully implement db Spazio.


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