IOT & AI Powered IBMS with Interactive Digital Twin & ESG Reporting

Monitor, Control and Automate Building Systems and Operations for data-driven decision making and achieving best-in-class Operational Efficiency.

Interactive Digital Twin

IT, Facility & IOT Systems Integration to collect data for new and retrofit facilities. Create Interactive Digital Twin for 360° view


Near real-time visibility of accurate energy, water, emission and environment data with traceability to generate ESG reports

Autonomous Control

Enable autonomous control of systems & utilities ​based on AI & ML based insights as well as intelligent rule engine

Comply with Standards

Baseline and benchmark data for compliance as per sustainability (ASHRAE, WELL V2 , BOMA) and ESG (GRI, GRESP) standards

Connect IT, Facility & IoT Systems, Seamlessly

  • In-built connectivity adapters to Integrate a variety of legacy and new age IoT protocols to collect data
  • Vendor agnostic solution that can integrate with any DDC/ SCADA/ PLC
  • Integrate into new or retrofit building environment seamlessly

Monitor efficiently with Interactive Digital Twin

  • Digital representation of the physical layer with 360-degree view of all faults & alarms
  • Monitor & control HVAC, ELV, IoT systems on a single platform
  • Pre-defined analytics on energy saving, failures, faults & forecasts. Gen AI model for conversational interface

Generate ESG Reports with Ease

  • Energy, Water, Waste & Emission Consumption analysis & Qualitative Review for ESG Reporting (Scope 1 & 2)
  • Eliminate data confusion with automated data collection, data accuracy and consistency
  • Compliance reporting for sustainability (ASHRAE, WELL V2 , BOMA) and ESG (GRI, GRESP) standards

Autonomously Control Building Systems & Utilities

  • Configurable policy engine to create expert rules for fault detection and diagnosis
  • Pro-active threshold alerts for maintenance. These thresholds are customizable and are defined at each KPI level
  • AL & ML based insights for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection

Centralized Command Control Solution

Remotely monitor & manage all sites in your portfolio with the least on-prem resources 

Baseline and compare your building performance & consumption data across sites

Supports multiple open protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, SNMP, OPC etc.​

Vendor-agnostic solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems

Unified portal with role-based privileges across all your facilities worldwide

Comply to sustainability & regulatory standards across all your facilities worldwide

How BMC Software Achieved 18% Energy Savings

2 SITES |  300K SQ. FT.  |  2500+ EMPLOYEES


  • Siloed monitoring of facility systems
    Manual and error prone Energy data audits
  • No real-time alerts/ notifications for faults and anomalies led to reactive approach
  • Lack of digitized processes and tools for Managing Visitors


  • Centralized Command Control system to integrate multiple vendor building systems
  • Unified view of to track the health & performance of various systems & parameters
  • Advanced Fault Detection & Real time alarms and notifications
  • Digitized Visitor Management System
  • Decision-dashboards for insights


  • Defragmenting existing footprint & occupancy patterns based HVAC scheduling
  • 18% Energy Savings
  • Planning energy consumption in advance & generating energy bills for reconciliation
  • Tracking & maintaining historical data of all visitors to black-list unauthorized visitors

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Explore Possibilities with db AUTOmate at the center

Accelerate Sustainability goals and Compliance with our Active Energy Management Solution

  • Save up to 30% on energy bills
  • Drive Net Positive water use​ & reduce carbon emissions
  • Comply with standards (WELL V2, ASHRAE​ etc.)​

Simplify Operations & Maintenance with our CAFM/ CMMS Solution

  • Avoid breakdown & Improve Asset Uptime by 45%
  • Automate ticket management and staff scheduling
  • Asset management & Preventive maintenance through digital twin
  • Digitize operations & third-party compliance data for an auditable statement of record (Scope 3)

Correlate Occupancy Patterns to Automate Lighting & Comfort Controls

  • Identify Ghost Bookings & Control HVAC/ lighting operations
  • Save up to 20% energy without impacting employee comfort
  • Real-time Floor-density tracking for emergency evacuation planning

Achieve Operational Efficiency Facility Services with our CAFM & Space Management Solution

  • Analyse Attendance patterns and day wise data for planning amenities & scheduling staff
  • Plan workplace services/ maintenance activities based on employee scheduling data
  • Plan restroom cleaning based & schedule Janitorial staff based on usage
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Typical Problems in other IBMS & How db AUTOmate Addresses them

db AUTOmate’s policy engine enables advanced fault detection algorithms for both high-site and low side of HVAC systems, thus ensuring peak performance.

db AUTOmate is an integrated building management system that includes HVAC, MEP, ELV & IoT. It provides a unified command and control from a single interface, connecting multiple buildings and locations.

db AUTOmate supports Entity, Point, Location and Equipment classifications like the Brick Schema. db Schema lowers the cost of deploying analytics, energy efficiency measures and intelligent controls across buildings. It presents an integrated, cross-vendor representation of the multitude of subsystems in modern buildings: HVAC, lighting, fire, security and so on. The schema simplifies the development of smart analytics and control applications. It also reduces the reliance upon the non-standard, unstructured labels endemic to building management systems.

db AUTOmate is an Integrated Building Management solution that supports comprehensive monitoring and control of various HVAC / MEP / ELV / IoT systems from the web or Mobile console.



of building costs are associated with capital expenses, while 75% of costs are used to operate a building over its life cycle.
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