ML & AI Powered Sensor Network that Respects your Privacy!

Monitor Real-time Occupancy, Space Utilization and Indoor Air Quality with Best-in-Class Accuracy.

Monitor Real-time Occupancy

Monitor your occupancy & footfall on an interactive digital twin to Identify underutilized areas & optimize space utilization by 30%.

Focus on Employee Wellness

Monitor IAQ to improve employee wellbeing & productivity. Comply with standards like ASHRAE, WELL V2 etc.

Reduce Energy Usage

Identify Ghost bookings and turn-off HVAC and Lighting to reduce energy consumption up to 20%

Optimize Facility Services

Trigger usage based restroom cleaning alerts to schedule Janitorial staff. Improve hygiene and resource utilization.

Real time Occupancy view on Digital Twin

  • Monitor the occupancy & footfall in real time and identify usage patterns, underutilized areas to optimize real estate footprint by up to 30%
  • Identify Meeting room utilization (people count) against capacity to rethink your spaces
  • Know floor density for emergency evacuation
  • Vendor agnostic sensor network with upto 99% accuracy

Focus on Employee Wellness & Productivity

  • Monitor IAQ (CO₂, Temp, Humidity, PM, LUX levels) in real-time to take proactive corrective measures
  • Display the IAQ parameters on kiosk to instill confidence in a healthy building
  • Correlate the data with occupancy (overcrowding/ no occupancy) to analyze the root cause
  • Integrate the data into any BMS system to automate Automate HVAC operation & fresh air regulation
  • Comply with ASHRAE, WELL V2 Standards

Reduce Energy Consumption up to 20%

  • Identify ghost bookings and control HVAC & lighting
  • Temperature optimization based on meeting room booking schedule & occupancy status
  • Monitor occupancy data to identify underutilized/ unoccupied zones and optimize HVAC & lighting
  • Onboard ML & AI algorithms that fine tunes energy usage of the sensor hardware by 4x

Optimize Facility Services & Resource Allocation

  • Plan restroom cleaning & schedule Janitorial staff based on usage and improve hygiene
  • Integrated Odor sensor with IAQ for restroom
  • Understand past trends on common are usage to optimize resource allocation (staff/ amenities etc.)
  • Get Real time alerts any threshhold breach (overcrowding/ frequency based usage etc.)

Sensor Applications

How a Fortune 500 Cloud computing Company leveraged db Sensors



  • No mechanism to see real time occupancy of desks, MR & common spaces
  • Ad hoc and inaccurate monitoring of IAQ using 3rd party/ handheld instruments
  • Energy & Lighting wastage in unoccupied rooms/ zones
  • Inefficient staff allocation and scheduling for facility services


  • 3,000 sensors including occupancy, IAQ, hygiene sensors
  • Restroom Hygiene Solution​ to measure usage and alert janitorial staff
  • Integration of Sensors with IBMS and workplace services to gather holistic insights
  • Onboard ML & AI with Smart Sleep mode to reduce energy consumption by sensors


  • Healthy, Safe & Efficient Workplace
  • Ghost booking cancellation & Meeting Room lighting and HVAC control
  • Identifying under & overutlized area to make decisions
  • opitmized janitorial staff scheduling
  • Correlation of space occupancy with HVAC resulted in significant savings in energy bills

See it in action!

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db Smart Sensor Network

db OccuSensz-MR

  • Occupancy-based light and temperature control
  • Identify Ghost bookings and auto-cancel bookings

db OccuSensz-PC

  • Janitorial alerts based on traffic in/out or footfall
  • Floor density and Over-crowding alerts

db OccuSensz-Pixel

  • Meeting rooms & Desk occupancy confirmation
  • Real-time occupancy view & past trends for bookings & utilization

db EnviSensz-IAQ

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and alerts 
  • Restroom & Hygiene alerts 

db EnviSensz-TRH

  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring 
  • Real-time HVAC Control to maintain the desired temperature
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The digital blanket® Sensors range includes sensors for desk and room occupancy, people counting, footfall tracking, environmental sensing (e.g., CO2, particulate matter, TVOC), and more.

db Sensors require regular software updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The support team assists with installation, configuration, integration, and troubleshooting to ensure seamless operation.

Yes, db Sensors incorporate robust security measures, including encrypted data transmission and compliance with industry-standard security protocols. Additionally, it is recommended to conduct regular VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) for enhanced security.

Yes, db Sensors are equipped with microcontrollers and RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) for real-time applications, and microprocessors with Linux OS for high-performance computation.

db Sensors use advanced technologies like computer vision, TOF lidar sensing, and deep learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy in detecting occupancy and measuring environmental metrics.

db Sensors use privacy-respecting technologies, such as anonymizing data at the source and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations to address privacy concerns.

db Sensors are designed with APIs and middleware that facilitate seamless integration with most existing BMS, allowing for efficient data exchange and automation of building operations.

db Sensors are advanced edge computing devices designed to enhance workplace intelligence by providing real-time data on various environmental and occupancy metrics within office buildings.

Main use cases for db Sensors include desk and room occupancy monitoring, people counting, footfall tracking, janitorial alerts, occupancy-based lighting and HVAC control, comfort and hygiene monitoring, heat map analysis, and evacuation planning.

db Sensors support various communication protocols, including WiFi, ZigBee, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and MQTT for integration with any cloud application.



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