AI-Powered Hybrid Workplaces

We are thrilled to introduce our new AI-powered reservations for hybrid workplaces, designed to revolutionize the way employees reserve spaces. This cutting-edge feature automatically assigns desk/amenities/rooms based on employees’ past preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking experience. 

AI-Powered Desk, Rooms & Amenities Reservations: Workflow

Many enterprises lack adequate information regarding the utilization of workspaces and meeting rooms, resulting in inflated real estate costs, wasted resources and compromised employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity. In the prevailing hybrid workplace environment, where attendance levels are sporadic, utilization data assumes significant importance in planning real estate consolidation, calibrating future expansion requirements and aligning workplace designs to employee needs of today and the future.
TomTom was faced with similar issues. The challenges faced by them can be summarized as:

  • Lack of visibility on space utilization metrics
  • Lack of factual data for additional space requirement
  • Need for department-wise space analytics for future planning

TomTom was also looking for a speedy deployment as the new office design discussion was already in progress with the architect when the workplace analytics project was initiated.

of employees want a hybrid workplace over full-remote or full-onsite work. Embrace the Hybrid Workplace model today!
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